NEWS & EVENTS | July 23, 2019

Over 4.5 Million Dollars for Research on Francophone Migrations

Yvette Frenette, titulaire de la Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les migrations francophones, les transferts et les communautés.

Yves Frenette holds the Canada Research Chair on Migrations, Transfers and Francophone Communities. 


The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) recently announced an investment in the work of more than 6,900 social sciences and humanities researchers and graduate students across Canada. Among the numerous grant recipients is Dr. Yves Frenette, who holds the Canada Research Chair on Migrations, Transfers and Francophone Communities, and who has received the amount of $2,495,100 over seven years for his project entitled Trois siècles de migrations francophones en Amérique du Nord (1640-1940) – Three Centuries of Francophone Migrations in North America (1640-1940).

This large-scale research project will see the involvement of 25 co-researchers and 15 collaborators, as well as 27 partnerships with postsecondary institutions and patrimonial entities from Canada, the US and Europe, which have, for their part, committed to contributing additional funding equalling $2,094,873.

"I am delighted that this research project, which takes a university-community approach focusing on Canadian and North American Francophone realities and draws on the Francophone experience and all its potential, was found to be relevant by the SSHRC", states USB Vice-President, Academic and Research, Peter Dorrington. "The scientific interdisciplinary scope and international reach, the partnerships involved as well as their ties to the various community are all reasons to celebrate. Undoubtedly, this project will, in turn, highlight the research conducted at USB."

The research project aims to shed light on the central role played by the migration of Francophones in the genesis and evolution of North-American populations over a span of three centuries.

"This project will also further thought and discussion on current affairs and issues surrounding immigration, cultural diversity, living together and community life", explains Frenette. "I feel privileged to lead this exciting research endeavour. The project will focus on the impact of migrations on the collective and individual experiences of Francophones in North America."

This vast study will concentrate on four populations: Acadians; French-Canadians from the St. Lawrence Valley; Métis, born of European and Indigenous union, and migrants from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Syria and Lebanon.

This project will lead to important scientific publications and will culminate in the creation of a bilingual virtual exhibition.

For the Government of Canada, humanities and social sciences research, such as Dr. Frenette's work, plays a critical role in helping understand some of the biggest challenges Canadians face. Researchers provide the evidence needed to make informed decisions about communities, economy, health and future prosperity.

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