Wireless Network

Every day, USB welcomes visitors and guests who sometimes require wireless Internet access. Depending on the nature of your visit, you may have access to USB’s wireless network.

Contact the USB staff member responsible for your event to obtain an access code (voucher) for the wireless network. This code will allow you to connect to the Internet through your mobile device or laptop.  

How to connect as a guest

  1. Select the wireless network USB-Embarquez.
  2. The webpage embarquez.ustboniface.ca will open automatically on recent systems. If not, type the address in your browser.
  3. Read and accept the conditions if you would like to use the service and select "Next". 
  4. Select "Visiteur/Guest".
  5. Enter the code that you have been given and select "Continue".

You now have access to the wireless network and will be redirected to the homepage of the USB website.


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