Courses with Indigenous Content

USB is committed to enriching the learning experience of all its students. The advancement of Indigenous knowledge, languages, intercultural traditions, models and approaches remains a key element of USB’s educational philosophy. To this end, the following courses offer Indigenous content. 

Faculty of Arts

ANTH 2041 First Nations of North America: A sociocultural study

ANTH 2071 Native and Inuit Religions

ANTH 3461 Ethnology of First Nations of North America

ANTH 3501 Peoples of the Arctic

ANTH 3971 Regional Ethnology: The Métis

CDSB 7061 Indigenous Peoples of Canada: First Nations, Inuit and Métis

HIST 1401 History of Canada, origins to 1800

HIST 1403 History of Canada, 1800 to today

HIST 2283 History of Francophones of the West

INTC 1101 Introduction to Intercultural Relations

INTC 3101 Intercultural Communication and Mediation

PSYC 3481 Psychology of Intercultural and Intergroup Relations

RLGN 2413 Established Religions in Canada

Faculty of Education and Professional Studies

ANTH 3551 Canadian Subcultures

EDUA 3201 Cultural Diversity in Schools 1

EDUA 3313 Indigenous Perspectives in Schools 1 

EDUA 5011 Introduction to School Administration

EDUA 5241 Issues in Intercultural Education

EDUA 5251 Exploration of Minority Education in Canada 

EDUA 7111 Specific Topics in School Administration 2 (Education for a viable future)

EDUA 7211 Education and Society

EDUA 7241 Values in Education

EDUA 7271 Seminar on Intercultural Education 1

EDUA 7281 Seminar on Intercultural Education 2

EDUA 7561 Counselling and Diversity in the School Environment

EDUA 7761 Interview Techniques with Children and Adolescents

EDUB 4021 Early and Middle Years Pedagogy and Curriculum (Social Studies)

SWRK 4221 Indigenous Peoples and Social Work Practice 2 

TRAD 4251 Literary Translation

1 Required course for all students enrolled in the Bachelor of Education

2 Required course for all students in the Bachelor of Social Work

École technique et professionnelle

CE 202 Creating Enriching Environments

CJ 102 Play II – Creative Expression and the Child

CJ 201 Play III – Scientific Thinking of the Child

CJ 202 Play IV – Literacy in Early Childhood

DR 102 Development of Relationships and Orientation of Behaviour I

DR 201 Development of Relationships and Orientation of Behaviour II

PA 202 Partnership in Early Childhood Education

PI 102 Inclusive Practice I – Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion

PR 115 Introduction to Childcare Services in Manitoba

PR 220 Language Development Support for Children

SB 202 Health, Wellness and Nutrition

TO 1021 Cultural Diversity

School of Nursing and Health Studies

Recommendation 24 of the report by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls upon medical and nursing schools to offer “skills-based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.” 

Given that the reality of Indigenous peoples is tied to the concept of cultural safety, which represents a common thread in several of the courses, especially in the Bachelor of Nursing and the Practical Nursing Diploma, SNHS successfully meets and indeed exceeds this recommendation.

In this vein, the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) has also developed tools for member schools, enabling them to integrate the teaching of cultural competence and safety as related to Indigenous peoples into student training:

Cultural Competence and Cultural Safety in Nursing Education
Cultural Competence and Cultural Safety in First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nursing Education

In addition to the courses listed below, SNHS initiates a series of activities as part of its programming which raise awareness among students about the realities of Indigenous peoples.

DSI 201 Pediatrics and Rehabilitation

DSI 204 Community Health

DSI 205 Gerontology and Palliative Care

DSI 207 Professionalism and Leadership

DSI 209 Perinatality

DSI 210 Mental Health

INF 4125 Current Health Trends

SANT 1035 Growth and Development

SANT 2075 Interpersonal Relationships and Collaborative Practice

SANT 2115 Introduction to Research in Healthcare

SINF 1018 Introduction to Nursing

SINF 1116 Nutrition

SINF 2024 Pharmacology and Diagnostic Testing

SINF 2035 Care of the Childbearing Family

SINF 2045 Care of Adults and Families

SINF 3015 Mental Health Nursing

SINF 3025 Nursing in Community Health I

SINF 3045 Nursing in Community Health II

SINF 4025 Theories and Professional Approaches in Nursing

SINF 4035 Palliative Care

Continuing Education Division

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