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University of Saint-Boniface's magazine, Sous la coupole, is published twice a year, in fall and in winter, and printed at over 5,000 copies.

Sous la coupole is a light read which highlights many of the organization's alumni and personnel. As well as reporting on recent USB news, the newsletter discusses the establishment's major project progress. Sous la coupole strives to instill in its readers a feeling of inclusion and belonging to Manitoba's French university.

The individuals making up the target audience of Sous la coupole are the alumni, the financial contributors, the staff and the friends of USB. The magazine is also distributed through a network of Francophone organizations in Manitoba, as well as the various levels of government and the French and immersion schools. Since 2009, an English version of the magazine is available online.

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Sous la Coupole – Automne 2019. icone_pdf Sous la coupole - Fall 2019 

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icone_pdf Sous la coupole - Winter 2018

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