Undergraduate Programs

Université de Saint-Boniface offers a wide range of undergraduate degree programs including Arts, Social Work, Translation, Science, Education, and Business Administration, as well as Nursing (offered by our technical college).

For the most part, USB students must spend their first year in University 1 (U1) before enrolling in the undergraduate program of their choice.

For more information on each program, consult the various fields of study below (available in French only).

Some university programs started at USB can be continued at the University of Manitoba. For example:

University of Manitoba -
Faculty or School
Degree Total Length Time at USB    
Pharmacy Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 5 years 1 year
Dentistry Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) 6 years 2 years
Law Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) 5 years 2 years
Medicine Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) 7 years 4 years
Medical Rehabilitation Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation 4 years 1 year

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