Please note: Our Fall session is being offered through remote learning with Zoom, since our physical campus is closed to the public until further notice.

Conversational French

Learn to speak French for work or pleasure!

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Our theme-based French classes will get you talking with a relaxed atmosphere and a focus on spoken interaction.

Nine different levels of theme-based, interactive classes help you learn vocabulary, sentence structure and pronunciation, as well as communication strategies and Francophone culture.  

Conversation circles are offered at the intermediate and advanced levels for learners who want more practice after taking classes at these levels.

Courses are reserved for learners aged 16 and up. 


Fall, Winter and Spring: One 3-hour class per week, evenings or Saturday mornings. Most courses run for 11 weeks (some are 10 weeks long with 3.25 hours per week).

Summer: A more intensive schedule runs over 2 weeks (mornings) or 4 weeks (evenings). 

Courses are 32.5 to 33 hours in total.

Conversation circles are 10 weeks long, with class 2 hours per week for a total of 20 hours. 

Apr 10-Jun 26, 2021
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Registration opens in March

Registration closes: April 6, 2021

Jul 6-28, 2021
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Registration opens in May

Registration closes: June 28, 2021

Sep 13-Dec 4, 2021
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Regisration opens: Aug. 19

Registration closes: Sept. 7, 2021

Jan 15-Mar 26, 2021
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Registration opens in Nov

Registration closes: Jan 11, 2022



Each level: $320 (student handbook and taxes included)

Conversation circle: $200

Course Content

Acquire essential language skills through a variety of interactive activities using Canadian course material developed by Université de Saint-Boniface’s Continuing Education Division. Designed for adult learners, the curriculum covers the themes and subthemes most likely to arise in conversation and other common oral interactions.

Beginner 1 Food
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Identity, family, occupations, basic numbers 
Beginner 2 Clothing
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Seasons and weather, shopping, giving directions 
Beginner 3 House and Home
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Daily activities, chores, hospitality 
Beginner 4 Community
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Describing objects, describing people, community events 
Intermediate 1 Travel
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Tourist attractions, transportation, describing a landscape 
Intermediate 2 Leisure Activities
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Sports and exercise, volunteering, emotions 
Intermediate 3 The Arts
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Description and critique, French-Canadian artists, biography 
Intermediate 4 Francophonie
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Francophone countries, immigration, customs 
Advanced A Well-Being
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Physical and mental health, careers in healthcare 
Advanced B From Yesterday to Tomorrow
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Technology, work, life stages
Advanced C The Media
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Current events, advertising, entertainment 

Note: Advanced levels can be taken in any order. 

Conversation Circles

Improve your fluency by speaking French in a relaxed atmosphere that includes both structured and spontaneous conversation, along with games and exploration of Francophone culture.

Le cercle de conversation intermédiaire is offered during the fall session, and is open to learners who have completed a Français oral course at any Intermediate level in the previous 12 months.

Le cercle de conversation avancé is offered during the winter session, and is open to learners who have completed a Français oral course at the Intermediate 4 or Advanced level in the previous 12 months.

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