Canadians and Permanent Residents

The following is an alphabetical listing of all the programs offered at Université de Saint-Boniface, not including continuing education. 

University 1 -- This first-year option allows students to explore their interests or aptitudes in various disciplines, without necessarily engaging in a particular academic program. The courses taken in University 1 are then credited towards the diploma of the program eventually selected by the student. This first year is thus an integral part of a studies program. More... (French only)

All program descriptions are available in French only. 

Business Administration    Baccalaureate   Diploma   
Health Care Aide        Certificate
Arts (General)  Master   Baccalaureate     
Multimedia Communications      Diploma   
Education - Early and Middle Years    Baccalaureate     
Education - Senior Years    Baccalaureate     
Education - Post-Baccalaureate      Diploma   
Education - Post-Baccalaureate in inclusive education (Online)      Diploma   
Education - School Administration  Master       
Education - School Administration (Online)  Master       
Education - Counselling  Master       
Education - Counselling (Online)  Master       
Education - Inclusive Education  Master       
Education - Language, Literacy and Curriculum  Master       
Early Childhood Education      Diploma   
Arts in Canadian Studies Master       
International Studies (Arts)    Baccalaureate     
French - Advanced Major (Arts)    Baccalaureate     
French - Honours (Arts)    Baccalaureate     
French and Translation - Joint Major (Arts)    Baccalaureate     
Tourism Management      Diploma   
Health and Community Services Management      Diploma   
Information Technology      Diploma   
Science (General)    Baccalaureate     
Science (Major)    Baccalaureate     
Science (Major - Co-operative Program)    Baccalaureate     
Nursing Sciences    Baccalaureate     
Practical Nursing      Diploma   
Translation    Baccalaureate     Certificate 
Translation (Online Program)    Baccalaureate     Certificate 
Social Work    Baccalaureate     


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