Report on Disclosures of Wrongdoing

As part of its policy concerning the application of the Public Interest Disclosure Act, as of the 2022-23 academic year, the University began publishing an annual report on disclosures of wrongdoing received by the University. This report indicates the number of disclosures received, if any,  as well as the number of investigations undertaken as a result of disclosures and the results of these investigations. See the report below.   

icone_pdf 2022 Report of Disclosures of Wrongdoing








You can also access reports from previous years. To reduce our environmental impact, past reports are available only in digital format.

icone_pdf 2020 Annual Report

icone_pdf 2019 Annual Report

icone_pdf 2018 Annual Report

icone_pdf 2017 Annual Report

icone_pdf 2016 Annual Report

icone_pdf 2015 Annual Report

icone_pdf 2014 Annual Report

icone_pdf 2013 Annual Report (highlights) 

icone_pdf 2012 Annual Report (highlights)

icone_pdf 2011 Annual Report (highlights)

icone_pdf Rapport annuel 2009-2010

icone_pdf Rapport annuel 2008-2009

icone_pdf Rapport annuel 2007-2008

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icone_pdf Rapport annuel 2005-2006

icone_pdf Rapport annuel 2004-2005

icone_pdf Rapport annuel 2003-2004

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