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Create physical spaces that allow students to thrive by replacing outdated chemistry labs with state-of-the-art facilities.

Build an inclusive and stimulating environment by helping USB move forward on the path to reconciliation and further support the well-being of its students.

Enhance the scholarship and bursary program to ease the financial burden on students and recognize their successes, while emphasizing rapidly growing academic programs.

Help support students your way!

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Find out how your donation can help create the ideal conditions for student learning and well-being at USB.


USB plays a critical role in shaping our future community builders, helping create educated, innovative and engaged citizens. Your support helps USB create the environment students need to stay in school and succeed so that they can become competent professionals in their future careers.


Watch a testimonial from Dr. Denis Fortier, Chair of the 2022/23 Building a Brighter Tomorrow campaign.





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