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Canadians and Permanent Residents

The admission process varies depending on whether you would like to apply for admission to an undergraduate or graduate program. For information on admission to graduate programs, refer to the Master of Education and the Master of Arts in Canadian Studies programs. For all other programs, refer to the process below. 

1. Choose Your Program

Choose a program that interests you from the list of programs.

Check the admission conditions before filling out your application for admission. See the Academic Calendar for details on the programs offered, including admission and registration requirements, as well as any other rules or requirements specific to each program.

2. Check the Deadlines

Check the deadlines for the programs offered.

3. Determine Your Status

You will need to choose your student status when filling out your online application for admission.

  • Regular Student: A regular student is a person who fits into one of the following three groups: 1. Admitted on the basis of general and specific requirements; 2. Registered again after an absence of five years or less for a university program or one year or less for an ETP program; 3. Coming from another university and eligible to transfer credits to Université de Saint-Boniface in order to complete an undergraduate degree. 
  • Mature Student: A mature student is a person who meets all of the following criteria: 1. Has not completed high school; 2. Has not studied at a postsecondary level in a recognized university or college; 3. Is at least 21 years old (before September 30 for the full academic year, before January 31 for admission to the winter term and before May 1 for admission to the intersession); 4. Is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; 5. Is registering in order to be accepted into a program as a regular student after having completed 24 credits; and 6. Does not meet all of the general admission requirements. This type of student must submit:

- An application form;
A birth certificate;
A marriage certificate (married women who have changed their last name).

  • Visiting Student: A visiting student is a person who is admitted to one or more courses to be credited to another institution.
    These students must meet all obligations and follow all regulations regarding examinations and voluntary withdrawals. Furthermore, they pay the same tuition fees as regular students. 
  • Auditing Student: An auditing student is a person who is admitted to one or more courses for which no credit will be received. (The registration fees are reduced by half for these students). Written permission from the instructor is required to register for a course as an "auditing student".
  • Special Student: A special student is a person who receives permission from the dean to register for one or more courses and who meets one of the following criteria: 1. Holds an undergraduate degree from another faculty; 2. Chooses one or more courses that cannot be applied toward a degree, a diploma or a certificate. 
    These students must meet all obligations and follow all regulations regarding examinations and voluntary withdrawals. Furthermore, they pay the same tuition fees as regular students. 
  • Senior Student: Persons 65+ years old can register at no cost. They must submit a birth certificate with their application for admission. 

4. Fill Out Your Application

See the Admission Application page.

5. Submit Your Documents

Please take note of the deadlines for submitting the documents that are required with your application for admission. If we do not receive the documents for your file (including admission fees, which are non-refundable) before the deadline, we unfortunately will be unable to assess your file and follow-up with your application for the requested semester.

If you have studied at another university or postsecondary educational institution, you must submit an official transcript for all courses completed upon submitting the application for admission. If your studies are currently in progress, you will be required to send us your official transcript as soon as your final marks are available. Students who are on probation or suspension at another postsecondary educational institution will not be eligible to apply to Université de Saint-Boniface. 

After submitting your application, send the required documents and (non-refundable) admission fees to the Registrar’s Office at the address below before the deadlines. The deadlines for submitting documents vary depending on the program.

Université de Saint-Boniface
200, avenue de la Cathédrale
Winnipeg (Manitoba) CANADA  R2H 0H7

The documents submitted (for example, transcripts, certificates of achievement, diplomas or birth certificates) become the property of Université de Saint-Boniface and will not be returned to you. Documents from a North American educational institution must be original copies. We recommend that documents from an institution outside of North America (with the exception of the results of a standardized French or English test, which must be originals) be certified true copies of the originals if you are unable to obtain additional original documents, as they will not be returned to you. These documents must be sent by mail or delivered in person. Scanned and emailed documents will not be accepted.  

If you plan to request a transfer of credit upon arrival at Université de Saint-Boniface, you will be required to provide us with the original copies of the official transcripts and the course syllabi. These documents must be sent directly from the institution of study, either by email to or by mail in a sealed envelope. See the Academic Calendar for more information on transfer credit.

If you expect to receive your diploma from a Manitoba secondary school this year and have submitted your application for admission prior to June 15, Université de Saint-Boniface will contact your school to receive your transcript (interim and final, as necessary). If you submit your application for admission after June 15, you will be required to send us your final transcript by mail or deliver it in person.


For more information on admission, consult the links below:


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If you have any questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find the answers to your questions there, feel free to contact us.


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