Our Official Representatives

Université de Saint-Boniface has recruitment officers on several continents, all of which are official representatives of the university that offer a free service to potential students. If you would like to benefit from their services, free of charge, do not hesitate to contact them. Note that it is not necessary to seek out their help in order to submit an application to USB.

Sub-Saharan Africa
Recruitment Officer: Bintou Sacko
Recruitment Officer: Babacar Gaye

East Africa
Recruitment Officer: Prosper Hamenyimana 

Latin America
Recruitment Officer: Carmen Zelaya  

Ivory Coast
Recruitment Officer: Maminata Dembélé

French-Speaking Western Europe
Recruitment Coordinator (USB employee): Nathalie Roche

Recruitment Officer: Imad Chioua


Please note that Canadian law forbids recruitment officers from universities in Canada to offer advice to international students on matters of immigration unless legally authorized to do so. To learn more on how to obtain Canadian citizenship ou permanent resident status, visit the Citoyenneté canadienne et résidence permanente (French only) section of our website. 

USB recruitment officers are duly identified as official representatives by our establishment.

If you meet a USB representative in your country, please make certain that they are in fact employees of our establishment. USB does not use third-party services to facilitate admission for international students.

In order to help you identify official representatives, know that all employees use an email address containing the domain name ustboniface.ca. Some also use a domain name associated with their company. We firmly suggest avoiding all correspondance with representatives using an email address from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

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