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If you are planning to study at Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) in a university or college program, the Perfectionnement du français certificate program allows you to qualify for credits that can be applied toward equivalent university- or college-level French courses offered at USB.

To receive these credits, you must provide the certificate confirming that you have completed the program’s five courses and have passed the final exam.

Fall, Winter and Spring: One 3-hour class per week, in the evening. Most courses run for 11 weeks (some are 10 weeks long with 3.25 hours per class). 

Courses are 32.5 to 33 hours in total. 

Conversation circles are 10 weeks long, with classes once a week for 2 hours for a total of 20 hours. 


September 20 to December 1, 2022

In-person and Distance Learning Options


Registration opens: August 18, 2022

Registration closes: September 13, 2022


January 19 to March 24, 2023

In-person and Distance Learning Options


Registration opens: November 30, 2022

Registration closes: January 10, 2023


April 18 to June 28, 2023

Distance Learning Options


Registration opens: March 15, 2023

Registration closes: April 11, 2023

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Cost of courses: $328 (student handbook and taxes included)  

Aide-mémoire grammatical [grammar booklet]: $30 (mandatory one-time purchase)

Cercle de conversation: $204 (taxes included)

The certificate program offers five courses that help to develop various personal and professional language skills. The courses are designed to allow for flexible progression, but it is recommended that new learners start by taking one of the two courses in the Grammar and Communication section.

Grammar and Communication

Au travail! and Vers un monde meilleur are two introductory courses that will help you to strengthen your French language knowledge and apply the principles of modern French grammar.

Oral Communication

À votre avis and D’un œil critique are two courses that focus on oral communication skills to make you a better speaker. You will learn debate techniques, tips for nuancing opinions and strategies for natural conversation. Your fluency will improve as you acquire new vocabulary related to a wide variety of topics.

Written Communication

The course Communication professionnelle will help you improve your professional written and oral communication skills. You will improve your letter-writing skills in French and learn how to apply writing techniques as well as how to accurately summarize a situation in writing and verbally. Learners typically must have completed another course in the program before taking this course.

Additional courses

Perspectives en santé is a course based on two themes: professional contexts and media. Although the course is designed for learners working in healthcare, it will be useful for anyone who would like to apply for a French-language position. This course is delivered in the classroom, but includes an online component that allows learners to develop their knowledge at their own pace.

Cercle de conversation provides learners an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics with other learners who have a similar level of French. In a relaxed setting, an experienced instructor will encourage you to strengthen your conversational skills while you practise speaking with other learners. Typically, learners must have completed another course in the program before taking this course.

Final Exam for the Perfectionnement du français Program

Once you have completed the five courses of the Perfectionnement du français program, you will be eligible to complete the final exam. When you pass the exam, you will receive the Perfectionnement du français certificate. This certificate will allow you to qualify for six credits that can be applied toward equivalent university- or college-level French courses offered at USB.

It is strongly recommended that learners attend preparatory workshops prior to completing the final exam. Three three-hour workshops are offered once per week during the three weeks prior to the final exam. These workshops are offered free of charge to individuals who have registered for the final exam.

The preparatory workshops and final exam are usually offered in fall and in spring.

Anyone who would like to take a course in the Perfectionnement du français program must complete a language evaluation. Once you have completed the registration process, you will see a link to book an appointment for a placement interview. This link will also be included in the confirmation email sent to you once your registration is completed. An instructor will call you at the time you have chosen for the interview.


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