Mission Statement


Western Canada’s only Francophone university, USB offers diploma and degree programs that aim to develop the full potential of each student while advancing knowledge and helping the Francophone community to thrive in both Manitoba and beyond.


A leading Francophone hub for knowledge and excellence where a student’s pride in themself meets their ambition for the future.

Institutional Values

Awakening a thirst for discovery through the generation of new ideas and knowledge, active listening and constructive exchanges that ignite the desire to learn. 

Coming together to address the challenges of an ever-changing world while demonstrating flexibility, ingenuity, tenacity and a collaborative spirit.  

Highlighting what brings us together, celebrating our differences and promoting diversity.

Inspiring a sense of pride in who we are and in our efforts toward our goals while nurturing and supporting a strong and long-lasting sense of belonging to the Francophonie.  

Being authentic, honest, ethical, and consistent―essential attributes that are reflected in our character by our words and actions. 

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