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All members must follow and uphold internal regulations, and all members are subject to the Sportex Code of Conduct. Members will be warned of any infractions, whether they are intentional or through forgetfulness or neglect. We ask all members to ensure the quality of our service by complying with our internal regulations. However, if the situation reoccurs, or in the event of abuse or of a serious offense, Sportex reserves the right to apply the procedures outlined in the appropriate section of the Code of Conduct. This may result in the expulsion of the member and the termination of their contract.


Show your membership keytag– When you become a member, you will be issued a membership keytag (included in your fees) giving you access to Sportex. It must be shown upon entering. If you have forgotten it, you will have to identify yourself to an employee, who will enter your information into the computer to give you access. This procedure is compulsory upon arrival. In case of loss or theft, you must pay the applicable fee for a replacement keytag. Use of the keytag by anyone other than the registered member could lead to the immediate cancellation of all rights and privileges for the card owner, and to their expulsion.

Access to Sportex- There is a minimum age requirement of 16 years to become a Sportex member or 14 years with direct supervision of an adult.


Dress code–Performing a physical activity in the Sportex facilities requires appropriate clothing and shoes. Short-sleeved t-shirts, shorts or bermudas, sweat suits and running shoes are allowed. No one may walk around Sportex in sock feet, barefoot or shirtless. Sports shoes must be worn for bodybuilding and cardio training. Because some people are sensitive to certain strong odours, please limit the quantity of perfume, cologne or other perfumed products that you wear during your workout.

Personal hygiene–Even if personal hygiene is above all a question of health, it is also a determining factor in our relations with others. Persistent unpleasant odours are sufficient reason for a member to be rejected. It is therefore essential to change and wash clothing regularly, after each workout.


  • When you purchase the towel service you will receive a token. This token holds no cash value and cannot be returned for cash.

  • Towel Tokens must be used to receive your towel each time you come to use facilities at the Sportex.

  • No token, no towel.

  • Towel must be returned to reception in exchange for token.

  • Lost or additional tokens can be purchased for $40.00.

  • Sportex and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Sportex has lockers available for your convenience and to protect your possessions. You are advised to leave them locked at all times with a padlock. Sportex and its staff hold no responsibility for lost or stolen objects. Members must empty the locker at the end of their workout, or the padlock will be cut at closing time. A limited number of lockers are available for monthly rental and for the duration of your contract.


Cell phones are allowed in silent or vibration mode only. Using a cell phone and taking photographs are forbidden. You must leave the premises to answer or to make a call.


The use of one or more machines at a time is allowed; however, members must share them during the periods of recovery in their routine or by alternating with other members who wish to use them. Please speak to one of our employees if necessary.  For reasons of cleanliness, members must wipe off the machines after using them and before leaving them for others. Spray-bottle and cloth are available for cleaning the machines.


All equipment used, such as dumbbells, weights, benches, balls and mats, must be cleaned and put away after use. Staff members reserve the right to remind you of this rule if necessary. Throwing or dropping weights or dumbbells onto the floor is forbidden.


During peak hours, the use of cardio machines is limited to 30 minutes. For reasons of cleanliness, members must wipe the equipment after using it and before leaving it for others. Moist wipes are available for this purpose.


Number of participants–Because class sizes are limited by the capacity of the room, the Sportex administration reserves the right to limit registration for each class.  Access will be determined on a first come, first served basis.

Course content and cancellation–The Sportex administration reserves the right to change instructors, schedules and course content according to the rate of participation, the level of client satisfaction or for other reasons. The number of classes offered each session depends on the time of year and the number of registered participants. Sportex does not guarantee that a class will continue from one session to the next.

Absence and replacement of an instructor–If an instructor is to be absent, it is their duty to find a replacement; however, this is not always possible. The Sportex administration will do everything it can to offer the class, but we cannot guarantee that it will take place, and we may be forced to cancel it or propose a different class to those members who are present. This may last for the duration of the search period for a replacement.


Members must have finished their workout and leave Sportex by closing time, that is, 10:00 pm on weekdays and 6:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, or according to the schedule in effect at the time.



Members must behave and speak respectfully to other members and to staff. They must refrain from speaking loudly to avoid disturbing another member's workout. Internal regulations are to be followed at all times.


Violation of the code of conduct may lead to verbal warnings from staff, and a written warning if the situation requires.


Staff members have the right to remind you of a regulation (if it becomes necessary) to inform you of the standards in place at Sportex. They will ask for your cooperation in maintaining them.


If a staff member sees that, despite verbal warnings, a member continues to violate the rules, or in cases of abuse or a serious offense, the Sportex administration will demand in writing that the rule in question be followed. The member will be reminded of the standards in place at Sportex and will be asked to correct any behaviour that violates these internal standards.


If the Sportex administration, through a staff member, sees that, despite the written warning, a member continues to violate a rule, or in cases of abuse or a serious offense, the member will be temporarily or permanently expelled from Sportex and have their membership contract terminated.


It is the policy of the Sportex fitness facility at Université de Saint‑Boniface (USB) that its employees and members have the right to work and enjoy the facilities in an environment free of violence.

Violence is the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation. (World Health Organization)

Acts of violence are not tolerated at USB’s Sportex fitness facility.

Acts of violence may be:

  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Psychological

If you have questions or complaints relating to acts of violence at Sportex, please contact:

Université de Saint-Boniface
200 De la Cathédrale Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R2H 0H7
Telephone: 204-235-4407


Steam rooms are a wonderful source of relaxation, but they can also be a source of anxiety for people unfamiliar with steam room etiquette. A few basic rules should be followed to make the steam-room experience a pleasant and comfortable experience for everyone.


Follow the public steam room policy list posted near the entrance. Read the rules. Don't go barreling into a steam room without having read the rules.

It is not appropriate to be totally naked in a public steam room. Proper etiquette requires that a person wear at least a towel. The towel soaks up the sweat and toxins released by the steam. The towel also provides a barrier between your bottom and the bench on which you are sitting. Never sit bare-bottomed on the steam room bench. You may feel perfectly comfortable naked but others may be more modest.

For purposes of hygiene, shower before using the steam room. Don't subject your steam mates to pre-steam dirt, sweat and offensive odors.


Do not bring food or drinks into a steam room. Plastic-bottled water is the only beverage allowed inside a steam room. Gum is just a bad idea whenever you're in any confined space with other people since gum smacking is annoying.

Do not bring a cell phone or other communication device into a steam room. The electronics don't hold up well to the steam and other guests don't want to listen to your conversations.

Don't bring children into a steam room. There's a minimum age requirement (14 years of age)--not only for health and legal purposes, but also for purposes of common courtesy.


The steam room is not the place for personal grooming. Shaving facial, leg, underarm or back hair is never appropriate. Likewise, don't tweeze eyebrows, clip toe and fingernails, or fiddle with blemishes.

Don't go to a steam room looking to talk. A polite hello or nod is acceptable but most people are in the steam room to relax, not to make conversation or new friends.

Lewd or suggestive behavior is never acceptable and is illegal in a public steam room.



Hours of operation: 6am-8:45pm, Mon-Fri
8am-5:45pm Sat-Sun.



  1. If you are currently taking any prescription medicines or have any medical problems or conditions, including pregnancy, please consult your physician before using the steam room.

  2. Shower before using the steam room.

  3. Drink water before and after using the steam room.

  4. Sit on a clean towel to avoid direct contact with bench to reduce burn and infection risks (nudity not permitted).

  5. Do not use the steam room if you have a fever or any type of open wounds.

  6. Do not use the steam room while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  7. Do not bring food or glass containers into the steam room. You may bring water in an unbreakable and re-sealable drinking container.

  8. Do not touch or come into direct contact with the steam head or steam emitting from the steam head.

  9. Do not use the steam room on an empty stomach or a full stomach.

  10. Shaving or skin exfoliation in the steam room is prohibited.

  11. Avoid standing up quickly while in and after using the steam room.

  12. If you feel uncomfortable, dizzy, faint or starting to fall asleep, leave the steam room.

  13. Exercising, the use of rubber suits or use of any form of oils, creams, or lotions is prohibited.

  14. Minimize burn risks by removing metal jewelry, including wire-rimmed glasses.

  15. Minimize eye irritation risks by removing contact lenses while in the steam room.

  16. Limit exposure time to 15-20 minutes.

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