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Three Reasons to Give to USB 

To facilitate access to childcare services.
To support our students.
To invest in a pillar of our community.

To Facilitate Access to Childcare Services

During a consultation, many USB students indicated having difficulty finding a French-language daycare close to campus. Some of these students even had to postpone their plans to study due to a lack of accessible childcare.

Wait times for an opening at a Francophone centre can exceed two or three years, and parents are often unable to secure a spot for their child before they reach school age. In these situations, parents must resort to registering their child in an English-language learning centre, which can subsequently lead them to choose to register their child in an English-language school instead of a French-language school.

To Support Our Students

The only Francophone university in Western Canada, USB values French as one of the country's official languages by offering quality programs, infrastructure and advanced equipment accessible to the community as well as research projects often touching on the realities of the French-speaking community.

To Invest In A Pillar of Our Community

Since 1818, Université de Saint-Boniface offers an education based on integrity, respect and excellence. Through its competitive bursary program, USB facilitates access to post-secondary education to encourage the development of critical thinking and innovation in its community. USB counts strongly on your continued help to reinforce its position as industry leader in education in French.







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