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A Few Reasons to Give to USB

To increase the number of scholarships and bursaries available to nursing students

To build an inclusive and stimulating environment through proactive measures that foster good mental health and an enriched student experience

To create physical spaces that allow students to thrive

To alleviate their financial burden and facilitate their participation in student activities

To support them your way


Increase the Number of Scholarships and Bursaries Available to Nursing Students

In December 2021, the Manitoba government announced a significant increase in the number of nursing education seats across the province. USB will now be receiving an additional investment of more than $1 million per year, allowing it to add 10 seats in its Bachelor of Nursing program and five seats in the Practical Nursing Diploma program, an increase of almost 35% in seats in both programs combined.

This financial boost gives USB a welcome challenge: to reward the academic achievement of an additional 15 students per year and provide them with financial support, USB invites you to help increase the scholarship and bursary funds available to them.

The fund created in 2013 by then nursing program administrator Gisèle Lapointe offers two annual merit scholarships of $1,250 each to students enrolled in the third or fourth year of the Bachelor of Nursing program. It would be wonderful to be able to offer a third and even a fourth scholarship.

Gisèle Lapointe.
Gisèle Lapointe.

"When I was a nursing student, my parents could not afford to support me financially because they had eight children. I understand what it's like to pursue a bachelor's degree. I was fortunate enough to receive a few scholarships during my studies and am grateful for them.” (Gisèle Lapointe)

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Create an Inclusive and Stimulating Environment

USB cultivates a welcoming and safe environment that fosters learning and reconciliation, while celebrating our diverse Francophonie. With this in mind, USB is striving to enhance well-being on campus.  

Over the past few years, USB has made great strides in providing mental health support to its students. Mental Wellness Services fulfills a true need by offering professional support to students going through difficult or even crisis situations. And this is just the beginning of the support.

Initiatives such as offering preventive measures, including meditation or mindfulness activities, and applying mental health standards across the university would further foster good mental health for students.

Student life activities help students relax and feel a sense of belonging within both USB and the Francophone community. USB hopes to implement more strategies to increase participation in student life—for example by offering more bursaries and scholarships so students can play sports or actively participate in artistic or cultural activities—and create an enriching student experience by offering more activities.

The new Student Well-Being Fund was set up specifically to help USB offer preventive measures in mental health as well as other activities that foster student well-being by fuelling their sense of belonging and engagement. The Cultural Activities Fund and the Julie Paillé Athletic Scholarships Fund, funds dedicated to arts and culture and sports, respectively, are other options to consider, given the significant impact of these types of activities on students’ sense of belonging and identity, as well as their engagement.

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Listen to testimonials by Florette Giasson and Samuelle Lemoine video: (in French, video to come)


Create Physical Spaces That Help Students Thrive

Welcoming, safe and healthy indoor and outdoor spaces are critical to student well-being. Best practices in teaching are constantly evolving. As a result, USB must continually adapt its spaces and upgrade its equipment to remain competitive and provide the best learning conditions. Students have also expressed the need for more places to meet and relax on campus, both indoors and outdoors.

USB’s 2021–2026 Strategic Plan, A Force of Change, takes these needs into account, and its action plan will be an opportunity to establish an order of priority for these proposed projects.

In a time of budget freezes and cuts in public funding to education, USB must look to funding partners to create these new spaces and purchase state-of-the-art equipment. To secure their support, the university often needs to be able to cover a portion of the expenses for proposed projects. Donations to the Emerging Priorities Fund and the State-of-the-Art Equipment Fund can provide the leverage needed to secure funding from other sources or to meet immediate needs.

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Hear Richard Fréchette’s, Vice-President (Administration and Finance), thoughts on this (in French, video to come):


Alleviate Students’ Financial Burden and Facilitate Their Participation in Student Activities

Thanks to continued donor generosity towards the scholarship program, USB offers attractive scholarships that recognize and celebrate high-school graduates’ and its own students’ success as they move forward in their academic career.

USB is always striving to do more in terms of student achievement, which is the core of its mission. To accomplish this, building USB’s capacity to offer financial-support bursaries and facilitate students’ participation in student life activities through scholarships is critical. Financial strain takes its toll on students! This financial support helps them get onto the road to success by allowing them to focus on their studies and participate in activities that have a positive impact on their physical and mental health.

Donating to the Financial Need Fund, the Social Work Fund or any of the many funds that support student activities can make a real difference.

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Hear perspectives from Eunice Muzibao, Florette Giasson, and Charlotte and Gordon Walkty (in French, video to come):


Your donation’s multiplying effect on scholarships and bursaries

Thanks to the Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative, every year, the provincial government matches donations received by USB. This program amplifies the positive impact of the annual revenue generated by endowment funds to support the bursary and scholarship program, as well as donations that go directly towards bursaries and scholarships. Depending on the public funding available and program criteria (bursaries and scholarships eligible for matching), one-time donations toward bursaries and scholarships during the year and earnings from endowment funds will be matched at a rate of up to $1 for every $2 donated. Now, that’s a great deal!

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Support USB Students Your Way

Looking to support another cause that is close to your heart? Maybe you would like to increase your family fund? To explore all your options, visit the “Where to Give” page or contact Kali Prieur from the Development Office: developpement@ustboniface.ca

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