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Why Charlotte and Gordon give 

Charlotte et Gordon Walkty.

"We know many students who have worked hard outside of class to support themselves and even provide for their families. It was quite a challenge for them to pursue their studies while holding down a job. Scholarships can really ease this financial burden, allowing students to focus entirely on their education for optimal success."

- Charlotte and Gordon Walkty

Why Lucille Gives

Lucille Blanchette.

"I wanted to ensure that my contribution went towards causes that were important to me. Being an educator myself and seeing as the Collège trained future teachers, well that I was compelled to give to that cause."

- Lucille Blanchette

Why Keleigh Gives 

Keleigh James

"I remember how crucial it was for me to receive bursaries to help with the cost of my tuition. I started giving because I wanted to ensure that students continue to choose USB, just as I did 15 years ago."

- Dr. Keleigh James

Why Roméo Gave 

Roméo Verrier

"Attending the Collège was quite expensive back then. We had to pay $11 dollars per month. My father sacrificed a lot to pay my tuition. The only way I could find to show my gratitude towards my father for everything he has done for me was to contribute somehow to the education of other students at my old college."

- Roméo Verrier (1931-2023)

Why Chantal and Patrick Give 

Chantal Fréchette et Patrick Fredette

"When our daughter entered university, it was time to materialize our plans. We consider a donation an investment in our children and in USB's future. We want to attract new student athletes and encourage those who perform well to stay with USB's athletics club, Les Rouges. USB is the best university a student can attend. In addition to being a Francophone university, it is excellent."

- Dr. Chantal Fréchette and Dr. Patrick Fredette

Why Carole and Jean-Paul Give 

Carole Freynet-Gagné et Jean-Paul Gagné

We advocate for French services, but for that, we must train good translators here. We have received so much from USB and it is time to give back. Our daughters received bursaries, so we know at which point it has helped us. It has taken away a lot of stress so that they can concentrate on their studies."

- Carole Freynet-Gagné and Jean-Paul Gagné

Why Émile and Sylvie Give 

Sylvie Rondeau et Émile Hacault

"USB is dear to us. It is the only Francophone university in Western Canada, so we need to offer a maximum of support to our students."

- Émile Hacault and Sylvie Rondeau

Why Marcel Gave 

Marcel André Desautels

"Giving to students of USB's business program come naturally to me because it was my 'Collège'! It is the main reason for my success! I have always been a personal donor to USB and I am proud to be Manitoban."

- Marcel André Desautels (1934-2023)

Why Gisèle Gives 

Gisèle Lapointe

"When I was a student in nursing, my parents did not have the means to support me financially, because we were eight children. I understand what it takes to pursue a bachelor's degree. I had the privilege of receiving bursaries during my studies and I am grateful."

- Gisèle Lapointe



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