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Donation of Securities

You can support Université de Saint-Boniface’s (USB) students and help build the institution’s future with an in-kind donation of listed securities. Instead of selling your securities and donating the proceeds of that sale to USB, you can transfer them to the institution. By gifting securities to USB, you can minimize the income tax you have to pay and foster the advancement of French-language postsecondary education in Manitoba. It's a great way to give!

Listed securities include shares, mutual funds, segregated funds, etc.

The transfer of listed securities offers great advantages to donors, especially when the securities have increased in value since their purchase. Talk it over with your financial planner!

  • The capital gains tax does not apply to this transaction.
  • The donor receives a donation tax receipt for the closing price of the gifted securities as at the date they are deposited in USB’s account.

Download Form (PDF 168 Kb)

Contact us for more information by calling 204-237-1818, ext. 409, or emailing developpement@ustboniface.ca.






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