Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Université de Saint-Boniface's (USB) Explore program? 

  • It is a five-week intensive French program.
  • Over 75 hours of French language instruction using USB's Collection À Vous! course material with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.*
  • Program consists of two course levels over five weeks.
  • Course levels are theme based and participants will create a final presentation with your class. These presentations allow students to put their new skills into action.
  • This program is intended for participants who are 18+ years old or older.

    *Prior to the start of the program, oral and written placement tests will be administered. You will then be placed in the level that is appropriate for you.

What is the typical schedule like?

Classes are held Monday to Friday, and there are activities scheduled on the weekend. You will have one day off during the weekend. Evenings are free, or you may choose to participate in the activities organized at that time. Please note that the schedule is subject to change and that you will receive a copy of the program schedule in your information kit. During the program, staff will advise students of any schedule changes as soon as possible.

Download an outline of this year’s courses and activity schedule here:  pdf Schedule

Can I receive university credits for this program? 

The Université de Saint-Boniface Explore program does not grant credits. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a detailed course description, as well as a certificate of. This information remains at USB, and a copy may be requested at any time for a small administrative fee. Some institutions may recognize this course for credit, but you should communicate directly with them to inquire about this. 

Are there bursaries available?


The bursary covers tuition fees, instructional materials, meals and accommodations. Please note that the bursary will be paid directly to USB. For further information, visit the Explore website. 

Can I still register for Explore even if I don't have a bursary?


We have a variety of choices that will meet your needs. Download the options for the Explore Non-Bursary Program. To apply, complete the Non-Bursary Forms on the Online Registration page.

What are the accommodations like?

Explore offers shared accomodations, with up to 4 people per suite, in the USB residence.

The residence is centrally located, just a short walk from classes, computer labs, the library, the cafeteria, sports facilities and the Sportex fitness centre. It is also only a few minutes walking distance from supermarkets and other amenities in St. Boniface. 

All bursary students, including those from the Winnipeg area, must live in the USB residence for the duration of the program. 

The USB residence and campus are strictly non-smoking buildings, except in designated smoking areas outside. Furthermore, the use of lighters, candles or incense in the residence is not permitted.

Please note that the USB residence is undergoing significant renovotions beginning in May 2019. As such, there will be no access to the common room as well as no WIFI during the Explore program. We will strive to provide a common room at the university and WIFI is available on campus.

What about attendance?

Classes, activities and workshops are all designed to provide the greatest opportunity for students to hear and to speak French. As a bursary student, you are required to attend all scheduled classes, activities and workshops. Any absence must be approved by the program director prior to the start of the program. 

Late arrivals will be reported to the program director and will count toward absences.

Frequent or prolonged absences, as well as frequent tardiness, may be grounds for expulsion from the program.

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