NEWS & EVENTS | November 17, 2022

USB sets $1 million fundraising target

Building a brighter future together.USB dome and North facade to be illuminated in orange on September 30.


Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) is launching its 2022-23 “Building a Brighter Tomorrow” fundraising campaign. Aligned with the "A Force for Change" strategic plan, the goal of this campaign is to raise $1 million to help USB create physical spaces that allow students to thrive, build an inclusive and stimulating environment, and increase the number of scholarships and bursaries available for students.

Upgrading USB's chemistry laboratories

This ambitious $4.5 million project will put USB's chemistry teaching and scientific resources for students on par with those of English-language universities in Manitoba and French-language universities elsewhere in Canada. This project will provide the University with a modern environment for scientific study and research and will maximize student autonomy in the experimental sciences. USB is aiming to raise $630,000 in donations for this project.

“This is a truly transformative project for USB students and for the faculty and scientific community," says Dr. Denis Fortier, this year's Campaign Chair. "The project's positive impact will be felt throughout the francophone community in Manitoba and the rest of Canada.”

Supporting the well-being of USB students

USB cultivates a welcoming, healthy and supportive environment for growth and reconciliation, while celebrating the plurality of the Francophonie. One of the ways it does this is by enhancing well-being on campus. Initiatives such as offering preventive measures, including meditation and mindfulness activities, and applying university-wide mental health standards aim to prevent mental health issues in USB students.

Student life activities help students relax and promote a sense of belonging to both USB and the francophone community. USB hopes to implement more strategies to increase participation in student life by offering more bursaries and scholarships so that students can be involved in sports or arts and cultural activities, and by enhancing the student experience through a wider range of activities.


Reconciliation and Indigenous education hold special meaning at USB, given its historical, territorial and community context. The Reconciliation Fund, established in 2022, supports reconciliation and Indigenous education efforts at USB. Donations to the program go directly to ensuring the implementation of initiatives that move USB forward in reconciliation to reach the $75,000 target by March 31, 2023.

Increasing the number of scholarships and bursaries

In December 2021, the Manitoba government announced that it would be providing additional annual funding to USB with a view to increasing the number of seats in the Nursing and Bachelor of Education degree programs. This financial boost gives USB the welcome challenge of distributing more scholarships to recognize the academic achievement of more students per year and providing them with financial support.


To help address the nursing shortage in Manitoba, ten new seats have been created in the Bachelor of Nursing program and five seats in the Practical Nursing Diploma program.


To help address the shortage of teachers in French and French Immersion schools, USB has gradually been accepting more Bachelor of Education students since 2017. In September 2022, 72 students began their second year of the bachelor's degree and 86 began their first year, a new record!

"Supporting students through scholarships and bursaries will contribute to the growth of our large francophone community," says Jules Rocque, Associate Professor in the USB Faculty of Education.


Created in the fall of 2022, the FMLH Fund pays tribute to Farah-Martine Lhérisson Lamothe, one of the first participants in a practicum program under the Haiti/Manitoba Continuing Education in Leadership collaboration agreement, who passed away at a young age under tragic circumstances. This new fund will support educators who have recently arrived in Canada as refugees, protected persons or immigrants and who are enrolled in USB's Post-Baccalaureate Education or Master of Education program.

Dr. Denis Fortier, Campaign Chair

From the beginning of his career, Dr. Denis Fortier has played an important role in the development of French language health services at the provincial and national levels. He has since distinguished himself highly in the field of medicine and the administration of the Province's health care system. It was only natural for this USB alumnus, proponent of and champion for French language health services to agree to chair this campaign in support of his beloved alma mater.

“I am truly touched to be able to take part in this campaign, which will help create memories and put a smile on the face of current and future students at Université de Saint‑Boniface,” says Dr. Fortier.

Transforming tomorrows

Many of the donors approached have already contributed to achieving USB's campaign objectives. To date, 15 organizations and individuals have given the campaign a substantial boost with donations or pledges ranging from $5,000 to $25,000, for a current total of $161,000.

To make a gesture of solidarity that could transform a student's tomorrow and the community's future, please visit

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