NEWS & EVENTS | December 2, 2019

Record Amount of Scholarships and Bursaries Awarded at the Soirée d’excellence

Lucille Blanchette, donatrice, accompagnée de Mylène Déquier, récipiendaire de la Bourse Lucille-T.-Blanchette en éducation.

Lucille Blanchette, donor, and Mylène Déquier, recipient of the Lucille-T.-Blanchette en éducation scholarship.

The 21st Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) Soirée d’excellence, held on November 21, highlighted the success of top students who were recipients of academic scholarships and bursaries. The more than $600,000 in scholarships and bursaries awarded – a record amount for USB – provided another reason to celebrate.

The Soirée d’excellence was also an opportunity to thank the donors, without whom the scholarships and bursaries would not be possible. The evening showcased the generosity of Lucille Blanchette, who has been giving to USB since 1989, making this the 30th anniversary of her philanthropic ties with the institution.

For Jason Cegayle, recipient of an entrance scholarship to the Bachelor of Education program, the generosity of donors is heartwarming.   

“It’s somewhat surprising to think that people who we don’t even know open their wallets and sign cheques to allow us to concentrate more fully on our studies,” he acknowledged. “And the Soirée d’excellence confirms that we are not alone in caring deeply about our studies and success.”

Approximately 300 people attended the event, which featured the musical talent of the USB Band, the university’s own jazz band. After by refreshments, snacks and music, the evening concluded on a very positive note.

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