Postbaccalaureate Diploma in Inclusive Education (Internet-based)

This program is delivered entirely in French.

Please note: This program will begin in September 2017.

Students have changed over the years and more and more have special needs that require a variety of targeted interventions. Yet we know there is a significant shortage of qualified resource professionals in francophone communities across Canada.

Inclusive Education is growing in popularity on the world stage, as it allows a maximum number of students to succeed and develop their full potential. This approach, designed to meet the individual needs of each student, reduces drop-out rates and promotes feelings of approval, worth and safety. When we respond early on to their specific needs, young people later become autonomous, confident, productive and healthy citizens.

The concept of inclusion involves not only the specific needs of all students, but all youth at risk of marginalisation and exclusion.

The primary reason for choosing the Postbaccalaureate Diploma (PBD) in Inclusive Education is a deep desire to help youth. Those who hold a PBD in Inclusive Education promote the inclusion of students who may experience learning disabilities, behavioral problems or integration challenges in their school and community. They not only provide support by responding to the diverse needs of all students, but they also motivate them to continue their studies and succeed. At the same time, getting a PBD in Inclusive Education is an excellent way to keep abreast of the newest trends in education, move your career forward and possibly attain a higher salary level. We encourage you to refer to the appropriate provincial authority for further information on this subject.

Our PBD in Inclusive Education is open to resource teachers who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills and to regular teachers – from Western Canada or other parts of the country – who wish to broaden their knowledge and acquire the necessary training to hold a position as a resource teacher or coordinator.

This program is offered by Université de Saint-Boniface, affiliated to the University of Manitoba.

Note: This program is offered on a part-time basis only.


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