Office of the President

Originally from Lévis, a suburb of Québec city, Sophie Bouffard obtained a doctorate in musicology (2011) from the University of Regina and a masters in music (2000) from Université Laval.

Soprano opera singer by profession, she has given a number of performances in Canada and abroad. Specialist in the creation of new music, many works have been composed for her.

Ms. Bouffard is the second female president in USB history and is the 45th person to hold the position. She is the USB president since August 2019.


Sophie Bouffard, President
Phone: 204-237-1818, ext. 318

Debra Radi, University Secretary
Phone: 204-237-1818, ext. 317

Brigitte Kemp-Chaput, Administrator
Phone: 204-237-1818, ext. 318 


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