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Please note that USB Boutique is currently closed until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.
We will update this page as the situation evolves.

USB Boutique's opening is linked to our campus's opening. If the general public cannot visit, neither can they be a USB Boutique's patron.


Visit this page (in French only) to order our featured article online: a navy USB hoodie. You can choose between a contactless pick-up at USB or a delivery by mail (an additional cost would apply).


USB Pride

Proudly wear the colours of the only French university in Western Canada. Université de Saint-Boniface sells a variety of articles of clothing and items inked or engraved with its logo.

USB merchandise is also the perfect gift for a future student, a current student or a graduate. Offer the gift of school spirit.

To see the full range of items, download our 2022 catalogue by clicking the link below.

Boutique USBClick to see our Catalogue! (French only)


For more information, contact our Recruitment Office.

Recruitment Office
Room 1433

Université de Saint-Boniface
200 De la Cathédrale Avenue
Winnipeg, MB CANADA R2H 0H7
Telephone: 204-237-1818, ext. 356 or 391




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