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On September 4th 2012, Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) unveiled its new visual identity, a fresh and modern brand that also pays homage to the institution’s rich and diverse francophone heritage.

Elements of Our Brand Image

The name Université de Saint-Boniface reflects the prestigious status that our institution acquired in June 2011 when the Loi sur l’Université de Saint-Boniface Act was adopted by the Manitoba legislature. This new name conveys a message of pride that extends far beyond the borders of our province. The presence of Saint-Boniface in the name underlines the active participation of this educational institution in the context of Manitoba francophonie since this institution’s beginnings in 1818.

The slogan combines both history and excellence. The expression éducation supérieure (a play on words based on the expression “higher education”) evokes the idea of quality and, at the same time, refers collectively to the university, continuing education and technical and professional programs.

The logo consists of three fundamental elements:

  • Six interlaced lines grouped in pairs, representing open texts (self-development in an inspiring academic environment); the great diversity of students attending USB as well as the interchange of ideas; the joining of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers at which location USB was established in 1818; the three main academic divisions (university, continuing education and technical and professional programs).

  • A half-cupola or dome which establishes a link between the future and tradition, the dome evoking the ecclesiastical past of the institution; that emphasizes the physical presence of USB in the heart of the Francophone community of Saint-Boniface; and that includes – in its detailed graphics – human figures.

  • The shape of a shield that encompasses the whole logo, evoking other official and historical coats of arms of similar post-secondary institutions. The colours that were chosen reinforce the cultural dimensions of USB. From a geographic point of view, the colours represent brown fertile earth, green plains and golden wheat fields under a vast blue sky. From a human perspective, the colours refer to the Franco-Manitoban flag (red, green and yellow) to which have been added new elements (shades of blue). As a whole, all the elements of the brand image consolidate USB’s modernity.


To request a copy of the USB logo in various formats, please communicate with the Web Communications Coordinator at 204-237-1818, extension 386.


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