NEWS & EVENTS | November 16, 2017

Level 2+ Containment Laboratory Inaugurated

Un scientifique travaille un projet de recherche sous une hotte dans un laboratoire

Université de Saint-Boniface officially inaugurated today its new microbiology laboratory, which has been in operation already for a few months.

Formerly room 3232, the space is now occupied by a very modern level 2+ containment laboratory. Fully functional for education and research purposes, the laboratory boasts many state-of-the-art characteristics, such as:

  • Optimized control of air exchange
  • Specialized fume hoods and filters
  • Air lock (An external automatic door closes hermetically before an internal automatic door opens.)
  • Sealer paint
  • Water filtration system

Multiple users have access to the space. It will be used firstly for teaching activities such as the evolutionary biology course, which includes the study of antibiotic resistant bacteria. In addition, the laboratory is used by various microbiology research professors, notably Mathias Oulé, whose projects have contributed to the fight against spore-forming bacteria.

"This new work space présents two major advantages," explains Professor Oulé. "First, we can work with a greater variety of microorganisms, which increases our microbiology research capability. Second, we benefit from state-of-the-art equipment, which facilitates our research projects and ensures that everything is done according to industry standards. The use of magnetic cards, précautions when entering and exiting the lab, biosafety cabinets, lighting, first aid, etc. Everything is well designed and adheres
to the standards of an NC2+ laboratory."

The construction of the new lab was the product of major investments from the provincial government and USB, totalling nearly one million dollars. It was carried out by the Marrbek construction company, under the watchful eye of the Director of Facilities and Security, Robert Simard.

For Peter Dorrington, Vice-President (Academic and Research), the opening of this lab in the province’s Francophone university is another sign that science education in French is taking off in Manitoba.

"Thanks to skilled, dedicated faculty members and state-of-the-art infrastructure, more and more Young people are choosing to study experimental sciences at USB in French. The NC2+ lab has enhanced our science programs and made them more attractive. We can offer our researchers high-quality facilities, promote partnerships with other biology and medical research institutions in
Winnipeg and it allows us to continue training our students in real labs."


See the video for a virtual tour.


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