NEWS & EVENTS | October 12, 2017

Giving Is Good For Your Health 

Keleigh James

Dr. Keleigh James, USB alumni (2001) and 2017-2018 fundraising campaign president

Université de Saint-Boniface launched its 2017-2018 fundraising campaign this morning. A crowd composed of staff, alumni and students gathered in the university’s Provencher Hall during for a light breakfast and the announcement of a $500,000 campaign objective.

At the centre of the campaign is Dr. Keleigh James, who holds a bachelor’s of science (2001) from USB and who graciously accepted the role of campaign president to tell her story, where she came from and how having studied at USB had a resounding influence on her career path.

For Dr. James, USB’s competitive bursaries program was without a doubt a determining factor in choosing the post-secondary establishment so many years ago.
“Without the support of generous donors, USB would not be able to maintain its excellent bursaries program. The financial support that I received through the bursaries program was something that really helped me when I was a student”, expressed Keleigh James.

She is proud of having studied in French, a choice that seemed logical to her during her transition from high school to university, while her secondary education had been done through a French immersion program. “Today, fifteen years later, I work in both of the country’s official languages. I’ve always said that it is thanks to USB that I have gotten to where I am, and I believe this now more than ever.”

Three priorities have been set for this year’s fundraising campaign: 

  • Strengthen the Bursary Program
  • Support Research Development
  • Invest in Emerging Priorities

USB invites alumni and the members of the community to make a donation towards the campaign, an important gesture that can transform a student’s future and, by extension, the community.

To make an online donation, visit


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