Why Choose USB?

At USB, you will find a rich and dynamic academic and social environment, where you can complete your postsecondary education and come to master the French language. You will graduate with a valuable degree or diploma and a varied skill set with all it takes to compete in the job market, including the asset of being bilingual.


Des installations et des équipements de pointe

Nowadays, the prerequisites for high quality postsecondary education are access to the best equipment and the best academic support. USB offers both, with ultramodern science labs and computers, well-connected library services, top notch sports and gym facilities and an array of student services.


Une occasion de perfectionner vos habiletés linguistiques

Students at USB have access to the widest choice of programs offered in French in Western Canada. You can also broaden your language skills in French, Spanish, German and English here. In the job market, bilingualism is a distinct advantage, an important asset beyond your degree or diploma.


De petites classes

You’ll never disappear in the crowd, as we keep class sizes small. This way, you get all the attention you need to excel.


Un excellent corps professoral

We have built a dynamic academic team that is accessible and ready to listen to you, the student. They are committed to creating a learning environment that fosters achievement.


Une éducation axée sur le marché du travail

At USB, our main goal is this: to equip you to succeed! How? By offering an excellent professional training environment, and by maintaining close ties with employers, who can best identify the skills and competencies they require. We understand where education fits into your future career. As a result, most of our graduates find work in their area of choice. Employers soon see the quality of USB programs, and how they are adapted in response to the needs of the job market.


Un environnement culturel plein de vie

Situated in St. Boniface, at the heart of Manitoba’s largest francophone community, USB affords a unique opportunity to pursue postsecondary education in a francophone milieu. In this charming neighbourhood, you will be close to downtown Winnipeg and all its best attractions. Contemporary music and theatre, improvisation, visual arts and social activities– there is always something going on.


Une affiliation à l'Université du Manitoba

Because USB is affiliated with the University of Manitoba, you have access to many of the programs, facilities and services at Manitoba’s largest university.


Investing in post-secondary education is worth it!

mortier et diplôme

By choosing post-secondary education, you boost your chances in:

  • Finding a career
    There is a close link between your level of education and your chances in finding the job you desire.
  • Receiving a better salary
    Generally, well paying jobs require a college or university diploma.
  • Keeping your job
    A higher level of education tends to protect employees during economic down-turn.


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