NEWS & EVENTS | October 26, 2018

Evaluation of a New Tool for Autism

Simple Steps Autism


Geneviève Roy-Wsiaki, a researcher and professor of psychology at Université de Saint-Boniface, is looking for feedback on a new multimedia tool designed for parents of and professionals who work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Simple Steps Online Teaching Platform for the Treatment of Autism.

“Simple Steps is based on principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA),” explained the lead researcher. “Through explanatory videos, animations, links to other specialized websites, reading material and interviews with parents and professionals, the tool provides a step-by-step training guide to better understand an ASD diagnosis and the science of ABA.”

“Parents and professionals will learn how to better manage both appropriate and inappropriate behaviours, or to teach new behaviours. My research project involves evaluating the French version of the Simple Steps tool.”

In order to carry out this evaluation, Geneviève Roy-Wsiaki requires the participation of parents of children with or without ASD, professionals who work with children with ASD or their families, as well as university students with training in ABA.

“Participants will be given limited free access to the Simple Steps website to consult the wide range of resources and information available. They will then be asked to complete a 15-minute online questionnaire to share their impressions of the website and how they feel it rates in terms of user-friendliness, navigation, ease of understanding and usefulness,” said Geneviève Roy‑Wsiaki.

She also added that everyone is free to accept or to decline participating in this research project, in whole or in part, without penalty.

It should also be noted that the information gathered will remain anonymous and confidential. Only the overall results will be shared publicly. The lead researcher and a student who will be assisting with the project will be the only people with access to the detailed results of the study.

Those interested in participating in the study are invited to visit (French only).

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