Courses for the Postbaccalaureate Diploma in Inclusive Education (Internet-based)

EDUA 5601

Introduction to Inclusive Special Education (6)

A survey course for educators interested in inclusive special education – legislative, pedagogical, attitudinal and systemic barriers to inclusion and exemplary inclusive provisions are covered.

EDUA 5631

Assessment and Instruction in Inclusive Special Education (6)

An examination of curriculum-based and classroom-based assessment to guide the instruction of students experiencing learning or behavioural difficulties in inclusive classrooms.

EDUA 5671

Strategies for Organizing Inclusive Classrooms and Schools (3)

An examination of the organization and implementation of school-wide supports for access, learning, socialization, behaviour, family liaison, clinical engagement, and community services. Organizational strategies to enhance consultation, cooperation, collaboration and professional development are included.

EDUA 5681

Promoting Responsible Behaviour in Education Settings (3)

The course is designed to provide teachers with an understanding of the needs of children who display maladaptive behaviours in a school setting. Conceptualization of behaviour disorders, identification/assessment procedures, and intervention strategies will be studied. The purpose of the course is to enable teachers to generate intervention strategies which are appropriate in an education setting.

EDUB 5773

Needs Identification and Inclusive Teaching Practices in Numeracy (3) (pending approval)

An examination of assessment methods to identify student needs in numeracy; strategies and resources to differentiate, adapt, modify or individualize teaching and learning mathematics.

EDUA 5621

Teaching Children Through Alternative and Augmented Communication (3)

An examination of alternative and augmented communication issues, services, supports, and inclusive teaching and learning strategies.

EDUA 5931

Observing Child Behaviour (3)

The use of qualitative observation techniques, especially in educational settings, to understand children’s behaviour, thinking, and motivations.

EDUA 5953

Ecological Approach to Inclusion (3)

An examination and analysis of inclusion in a school environment in relation to the denormalization principle, the Disability Creation Process (DCP), strategies to reduce barriers to inclusion and the renegotiation of roles such as resource teacher.

EDUA 5951

Inclusion and Diversity (3)

An examination of diversity issues related to inclusive practices in schools. An analysis of the ethical, theoretical and practical considerations of diversity that influence the nature and success of inclusive practices in schools.


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