Academics and Research

At Université de Saint-Boniface, the Vice-President, Academics and Research ensures that the academic programs at USB are administered properly and that the quality of instruction is constantly improving.

The Vice-President determines the institution’s broad academic directions and reviews its programs, in addition to stimulating innovation and research. He also establishes policy and introduces practices to increase USB’s research capacity.

Peter Dorrington assumed the position of Vice-President in June 2015.


Peter Dorrington, Vice-President, Academics and Research
204-237-1818, ext. 312

Bertrand Pauget, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Professional Studies
204-237-1818, ext. 302

Alexandre Brassard, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science
204-237-1818, ext. 357

Mélanie Cwikla, Director of Technical and Professional Programs
204-237-1818, ext. 305

Daniel Gagné, Dean of the School of Nursing Sciences and Health Studies
204-233-0210, ext. 700

Aileen Clark, Director of the Continuing Education Division
204-237-1818, ext. 401

Lise Brin, Director, Alfred Monnin Library
204-237-1818, ext. 211

Christine Mahé-Napastiuk, Registrar, Office of the Registrar
204-237-1818, ext. 408

Claire Bélanger, Research Coordinator
204-237-1818, ext. 467

Jacqueline Fortier, Coordinator, USB component of CNFS
204-237-1818, ext. 444

Donald Trudel, Academic Advisor, Career Counselling and Placement
204-237-1818, ext. 419

Janelle Ritchot, Academic Advisor, Career Counselling and Placement
204-237-1818, ext. 469

Ilham Fares, Coordinator, Distance Learning Technology Services
204-237-1818, ext. 296

Jocelyne Gagnon, Coordinator, Special Needs Services
204-237-1818, ext. 314

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