Focused on the needs of newcomers, the main goal of the project is to enhance the delivery of services related to language training, employment and well-being. Our research team is committed to developing measuring techniques towards the assessment of available services. Our ambition is to thus support involved organizations in their quest to ameliorate service delivery, augmenting operational efficiency and benefiting newcomers, their families and society at large.

An Original and Necessary Research

  • The project departs from concrete concerns and sectoral bottlenecks and it is being cooperatively tailored to cope with the unique needs of services provides.
  • It offers an innovative, scalable and intuitive approach to evaluating service supply to newcomers at large and to the francophone minority community.
  • Evidence for service evaluation will come from newcomers surveys and meetings with them.
  • The study aims to determine newcomers’ satisfaction level, also identifying reasons for non-utilisation or provided services.
  • Settlement services targeted here are those relating to employment, well-being and linguistic acquisition and progression.

Expected Benefits

  • To fine tune the offer of service offers with the actual needs of newcomers and their families;
  • To construct a comprehensive, scalable, comparable multilevel database of service usage;
  • To gain better understanding of the contextual, conditioning and motivating variables connected to the use or non-use of services: such as the spatial economic and sociolinguistic conditions, perception of services, etc.;
  • To have objective, evidence-based measurements of the role played by settlement services to improve newcomers’ integrative journey;
  • A comparative study with the Province of Quebec for similar research objectives.

National Outreach (Comparable With Other Provinces)

From the beginning, researchers from the Université de Saint-Boniface have worked in collaboration with colleagues from the Université de Montréal. Supported by the (MIDI) Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Quebec) they have undertaken very recently and for the Quebec context, a similar study.

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