University Programs

Université de Saint-Boniface offers a wide range of undergraduate degree programs including Arts, Social Work, Translation, Science, Education, Business Administration and Nursing, as well as graduate programs in Education and Canadian studies.

USB students must spend their first year in University 1 (U1) before enrolling in the undergraduate program of their choice.

Faculty of Arts Bachelor of Arts (General) 3 years
  Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) 3 years
  Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - French 4 years
  Bachelor of Arts (Advanced Major) - French 4 years
  Master of Arts in Canadian Studies (online program) 
School of Translation Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Translation 4 years
  Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Translation (online program) 120 credits
  Bachelor of Arts (Joint Major) - French and Translation 4 years
  Certificate in Translation 30 crédits
  Certificate in Translation (online program) 30 credits
School of Business Administration Bachelor of Business Administration 4 years
Faculty of Science Bachelor of Science (General) 3 years
  Bachelor of Science (Major) 4 years
  Bachelor of Science with a major in biochemistry, microbiology joint, cooperative program 4.5 years
School of Social Work Bachelor of Social Work 4 years
Technical and Professional Programs Bachelor of Nursing 4 years
Faculty of Education
Bachelor of Education - Early and Middle Years 2 years
  Bachelor of Education - Senior Years 2 years
  Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education (PBDE) 30 credits
  Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education - Inclusive Education   
  Institut d'été -
  Master of Education - Counselling* -
  Master of Education - Inclusive Education -
  Master of Education - School Administration* -
  Master of Education - Language, Literacy and Curriculum -
  * Program offered online  

Some university programs started at USB can be continued at the University of Manitoba. Some examples:

University of Manitoba -
Faculty or School
DegreeTotal LengthTime at USB    
Pharmacie Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 5 years 1 year
Dentistry Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) 6 years 2 years
Law Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) 5 years 2 years
Medicine Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) 7 years 4 years
Medical Rehabilitation Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation 4 years 1 year

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